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What’s the hardest part of working full time, going to school in the evenings and having a family?

I’m on track to graduate in 3 years and a summer from a 4 year evening program; that’s great. My wife’s on board, despite the fact that she has the hardest role to play – basically that of a single mother.

I see my kids on the weekends and the youngest wakes up before I leave, and that’s hard; but my wife deals with them every day. She makes them breakfast, gets the oldest to school in the morning and drops the youngest off at the babysitter, goes to her part time job, picks them up and watches them, goes out with them, gives them dinner, bathes them and puts them to bed by herself – a job not made any easier by being pregnant.

I think the guilt that I’m making life harder for her coupled with the helplessness that it’s still the best thing I can possibly do at this point is the hardest thing to deal with.


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2008/11/11 at 10:36 am

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