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Career Development? In your dreams.

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I met with the Dean of our Career Development Office (CDO) last week. That’s not to be confused with the Office of Career Development (OCD). She is an extremely friendly person who is more than willing to go out of her way to help students; however, there is only so much anyone can help students – particularly non-traditional students.

I laid out the facts for her and saw her face tighten; I could almost hear her mind shrieking in frustration. Full-time work; no weekends available; minimum salary requirements; IT background… it just kept getting better. At one point I responded to the look of resignation on her face by laughing and commenting how I’m all over the place.

And then something changed. She straightened her shoulders, looked me square in the eye and told me that it can work. I mentioned how I’m rearranging my work schedule this coming semester for the mediation clinic, since there will be daytime mediations. That was all she needed to work with. I was given suggestions of paths to follow, suggestions of how to approach people regarding part-time internships and names of judges who enjoy hiring evening students as clerks.

Most importantly, however, was the fact that she was now aware of my situation and that I am actively looking for experience. When she expressed her hopes that she was being helpful, I honestly replied that I hadn’t expected any options to be available to me. She answered that there are always options; but she’s not entirely correct.

There are only options if you open yourself up to the possibility that options exist and take the first step.


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2008/11/16 at 8:30 am

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