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Translate “Troubleshooting” into something resume-friendly

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I work in IT. I’m not a programmer, so I end up doing the odd jobs that no one else has any desire to do nor any idea how to do.  One item on the long list of my de facto responsibilities is troubleshooting. I help troubleshoot code that is still in development; I help the validators troubleshoot while they test the supposedly finished code; I troubleshoot security issues that come up in the field across the country when the official support personnel are out of ideas.

I would like to leverage that experience on my resume – highlighting the dynamic, problem-solving aspect of the job and downplaying the technical knowledge/experience aspect. Take two hypotheticals:

“I have experience troubleshooting software throughout all stages of its development and I support production personnel in troubleshooting end-user issues.”

“I have experience troubleshooting issues that come up across all levels of my team and our clients. I dynamically utilize my problem-solving skills by thinking outside the box to achieve business results.”

The first one is dry and more attuned for an IT job. The second makes me sound like a pretentious jerk with a thesaurus.

How do you translate what you do into resume-speak?


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2008/11/18 at 11:52 am

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