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Email can be hazardous to you health

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Interesting article discussing conflict resolution through various media formats. I wanted to share my expeiences with email in particular.

The uselessness of email as a serious communication method cannot be overstated. I have stepped into heated email threads across divisions by walking to one side’s desk and simply stating the same argument that was made by email. The result? Smiles, cooperation.

Have you ever received an email that infuriated you? I have. I must admit that I have sent emails that I knew would frustrate people. One word responses, deliberately not answering the unasked-but-implied question. When I’ve had my coffee, though, I will never reply to an email that gets to me when I receive it. If it’s possible I’ll walk over to discuss the issue with the person; if that’s not possible, I’ll wait until I can write a rational and unemotional response.

Using email without actively thinking about its possible pitfalls will never work for you.


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2008/11/20 at 9:50 am

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