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‘Tis the season! The finals season, as opposed to the holiday season. The two are nearly similar: one is  a time of bitterness, depression and strife; and finals season is even worse.

Allow me to pause while you groan.

Being a non-traditional law student gives me a unique perspective on finals. My day job is extremely flexible and I am able to take days off to study; and my family – my wife, since the kids are too young to have a real say – is also supportive and wonderful, letting me study in (relative) peace while I’m home.

That  being said, life for a non-traditional student does not stop during finals. I can’t study through the night since I have a family to pay some modicum of attention to and work to go to (early) the next morning. I can’t focus my entire brain power solely on the issues of the semester since I have a job that requires the use of my brain. How fondly I recall my days doing construction work! Ok, not so fondly…


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2008/12/05 at 8:57 am

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