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Something about… Social Redundancy

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Social media seems pretty big, huh? Still kind of shiny and new. Every new bit of functionality is exciting and worth a blog post or tweet.

One thing that still stops me from fully embracing the social media universe is something that goes hand in hand with its novelty. People are still experimenting with different forms of it – which is good – but  it reminds me of the exchange in Something About Mary:

Hitchhiker: You heard of this thing, the 8-Minute Abs?
Ted: Yeah, sure, 8-Minute Abs. Yeah, the excercise video.
Hitchhiker: Yeah, this is going to blow that right out of the water. Listen to this: 7… Minute… Abs.
Ted: Right. Yes. OK, all right. I see where you’re going.
Hitchhiker: Think about it. You walk into a video store, you see 8-Minute Abs sittin’ there, there’s 7-Minute Abs right beside it. Which one are you gonna pick, man?
Ted: I would go for the 7.
Hitchhiker: Bingo, man, bingo. 7-Minute Abs. And we guarantee just as good a workout as the 8-minute folk.
Ted: You guarantee it? That’s – how do you do that?
Hitchhiker: If you’re not happy with the first 7 minutes, we’re gonna send you the extra minute free. You see? That’s it. That’s our motto. That’s where we’re comin’ from. That’s from “A” to “B”.
Ted: That’s right. That’s – that’s good. That’s good. Unless, of course, somebody comes up with 6-Minute Abs. Then you’re in trouble, huh?
[Hitchhiker convulses]
Hitchhiker: No! No, no, not 6! I said 7. Nobody’s comin’ up with 6. Who works out in 6 minutes? You won’t even get your heart goin, not even a mouse on a wheel.
Ted: That – good point.

There were blogs, then there were social media sites like Facebook; then there were microblogs like tumblr, and then there was twitter and its ilk. I think there’s a good chance that we’ve reached the critical mass of ‘blogging; most of the new advances will be aggregation services, such as and flockr. As we all know, new media spawns alternatives. VHS and Betamax; HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Until “the people” make a choice, we’ll continue to see sites littered with millions of social media badges.

I’m not insinuating that social media has a Highlander-like demand for there to be only one. I’m just pointing out that there’s a lot of redundancy out there. As an example, I was discussing tumblr with Martha Sperry on twitter and we were weighing tumblr’s function and format against a traditional blog and twitter. It finally occurred to me that all the functionality in tumblr exists on Facebook’s wall; and with Facebook you already have the built-in networking functionality.

Discussion Question:

Does an extended quote from a movie count as a “movie reference”? Explain.


Written by mglickman

2008/12/14 at 12:45 pm

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  1. Mos’ def Mr. Glickman. The only difference btwn them is that networking connection. The Facebook functionality is available to you to broadcast to your Facebook friends. Tumblr is available for you to broadcast to your Tumblr friends. Why can’t we all live together in peace and harmony? I cannot wait for there to be “one” hang-out, or better yet, one that collects all the rest. I like Friendfeed and I have been playing with Peoplebrowzr, but that perfect hang-out still eludes.

    Martha S.


    2008/12/14 at 7:34 pm

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